Thursday, August 18, 2005

MCE To-Do-List

This are the most important features I want to integrate in my MCE. If your have any hints about any of these topics, please let me know!

Sleep-Timer for LiveTV, Standby after recording
PDA-remote (Rudeo Control, Niveus PocketRemote oder highpad)
Video-In for Hauppauge PVR 500
MCE2PDA - Automatic synchronisation of DVR-MS onto my PPC with WMP9
Home Automation
Buying an AC3-compatible Soundcard
getting better WiFi reception / switchover to dLan
new DVB-S Equipment
S-Video Y-Adapter for PS2 on TV + Beamer


Here´s what I found out, you could do with your PDA in combination with a MCE.
This list will shortly be updated and described, but now it´s just a collection of my ideas.

* playback of TV-Recordings (
* playback Videos (Windows Media Encoder Batch encoding)
* streaming Audio (GSFinder+)
* use your PDA as a remote for MCE (rudeo MCE remote)


My MCE Computer had to be a very quiet System, because it´s placed in my living- and bedroom in the cellar.
The setup is as follows:

Mainboard (MSI), XP2800+, 512RAM, 160GB Samsung Spinpoint, PCI-WLAN, Hauppauge PVR-500, PCI-Firewire, DVD-R, Gehäuse (ATCS), MCE Remote, Microsoft ICE-Desktop

Monitor: 19" CRT VideoSeven
Beamer: BenQ 5120
Speaker: Canton LE109, 105, 103
Receiver: Pioneer AX-3
DVD-Player: Panasonic RV-32

PDA: FujitsuSiemens PocketLOOX 420 (WLAN,BT,WM2003,WMP9)
Office-PC: XP2100+, 512, 300GB, 17"CRT, A4 Tablet
DVB-S: XP1800+, 256, 120GB, 15"CRT, Pinnacle DVB-S (+CI)
W-LAN: Netgear WGT624

Why I write this Blog

This Blog is all about my Media Center. When using a PC as a center of your digital life, you will run into problems frome time-to-time.
Finding a solution for your Problem can be a frustrating and time consuming task - so this blog describes the problems I run over while using my MCE and of course their solutions, if known.
This way other people (and of course I myself) that have the same problem, can check for a solution.

So then, let´s start finding solutions :-)